APT 5G Accelerator 中文

Company introduction

To accelerate and facilitate the future development of Taiwan 5G and associated applications, APTG initiates 5G accelerator program to focus on strengthening startup acceleration and partnership with enterprises, assisting startups for international partnership and market expansion, providing accelerator program for startup development, business model, product and solution roadmap, sales and marketing development, legal and compliance, finance an…


Contact information

Contact person:Crystal Li

Contact phone:(886)255689772




Startup teams

Oiyster Taiwan Pte Ltd

Our mobile app is being developed by our in house development team.

Teletrx Co.

Optical Communication Chip Supplier

PTCOM Technology CO., LTD.

Wireless communication and artificial intelligence technology (AI)

Werold Games

AR interactions design and technology integration provider

IOEX Co., Ltd

Remote communication access solution for smart devices.