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We strive to resolve key issues of the ineffective treatment for cancer patients through the personalization of cancer treatment. Our technique is based on the US NCI developed Hollow Fiber Assay (HFA), combined HFA with our novel Microtube Array Membrane (MTAM) and patient derived tumor cells (PDTC); allow us present our product MTAM-HFA for personalized medicine use. Compared to the current gold standard in the in vivo based anti-cancer drug screening- PDX;the MTAM-HFA is capable of delivering in vivo based, highly translatable results within a clinically practical timeframe of 14 days, which translates to 80% time reduction compared to the PDX model. Additionally, the cost accounts for only 20~40% of the PDX model. Furthermore, MTAM-HFA allows the usage of this technique for the screening of both solid and non-solid tumors. Lastly, MTAM-HFA allows the screening of a large variety of drug classes including the recently area of focus-immunotherapy drugs.

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The MTAM-HFA is based on the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) developed technique known as the Hol…


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