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Essential solution

MegAAOI is to provide AI-enabled AOI machine and upgrade service to existing human/rule-based inspection solution/machine.

The core competence of MegAAOI is to embody AI and edge/cloud computing to Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) to lower the under and overkill rate, and to also act as a trailblazer for those new emerging AOI application and business model.

Date of establishment:2019/9/17

Capital amount:$500,000

Fundraising round:No funding

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Company introduction

MegAAOI was founded in 2019 by a highly enthusiasm and visionary team of industry veterans with exte…


Detailed solution introduction

1. Upgrade service to existing rule-based COF/COG IC packaging machine

2. AI AOI Hexahedral…


Contact information

Contact person:Billion Wan

Contact phone:


Team member

Billion Wan


  • Education: MBA, Leicester University/UK; and EE, CCIT/NDU
  • Work experience: PM, CCL/ITRI; Manager to AVP, MiTAC Inc.; Greater China Rep., GSTV; VP, TCIT

Jam Huang


  • Education: Master of EE & CS, Taipei Tech University
  • Work experience: Senior Engineer, Wilocity/Israel; Senior FAE, Qualcomm; CTO, JWT

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