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Our service mainly lies in AI recognition and processing techniques in audio signal processing, including but not limit to music, vocal, and mechanic sound processing. With the license from National Taiwan University, we have 23 technologies and 8 API services for use. Our key music-related technologies include “audio fingerprinting”, “genre/mood classification”, “query by singing/humming”, “singing voice separation”, “beat tracking”, “active noise cancellation”, “speech denoising”, “singing transcription”, “performance similarity scoring”, “lyric alignment”, and “chord estimation.” Our clients covered music streaming platforms, music entertainment service provider, steel factory, and speaker manufacturers. The list is still growing.

Date of establishment:2020/9/1

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Fundraising round:No funding

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DeepWave is an acoustic-focused AI startup spun off from Department of CSIE, National Taiwan Univers…


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Contact information

Contact person:Henry Lin

Contact phone:(886)0227775550


Team member

Henry Lin


  • Experience:
  • - MBA in Entrepreneurship & MS in Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering in National Taiwan University
  • - Over 5-year experience in acoustics product analysis
  • Role:
  • - Business Administration

Kenshin Yeh


  • Experience :
  • PhD in CSIE, Naitonal Tsing Hua University
  • Frequent winner in Music Information
  • Retrieval Evaluation eXchange Challenge(MIREX)
  • Over 10 years experience in music and acoustics research
  • Role:
  • Product development

Sung-tsan Yeh

Product Director

  • Experience:
  • - MS in Human Environment Relations, Cornell University
  • - User Researcher, iNSIGHT Center, Taiwan
  • - Part-time Researcher, Medstar Institute for Innovation, DC, USA
  • - Senior User Researcher, DOMI Earth, Taiwan
  • Role:
  • Project/Product Management
  • Market and User Need Assessment

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