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Designed for Operation Managers, NADI System uses PSIM(Physical Security Information Management) and Digital Twin technology to visualize IoT data in real-time. By correlating IoT data from multiple sensors on a 3D map, our solution enables next generation situational awareness for operation management.

Date of establishment:2017/10/11

Capital amount:$87,716,000

Fundraising round:A round

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Company introduction

NADI capabilities include tools for 2D and 3D visualization that can be integrated with other applic…


Detailed solution introduction

NADI provides “3D OCMS (3D Operation Central Management System)” based on the concept of PSIM (Physi…


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Contact person:NADI Marcom

Contact phone:(886)0225067700


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Steven PJ Chang


Startup teams

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Nices technology

System Integration and Consulting Services