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1. At present, the professional 360-degree panoramic camera, the price is relatively high, more than $2000, and due to the need of software post editing process, all kinds of inconvenience led to the use of panoramic products are not popular.
2.Nowadays people are using smartphone to do the live streaming with a limited field of view.
The core advantage of this technology for the in-camera stitching without software post processing, save a lot of time, also has the unique function of one-click live streaming 4K 360-degree video to Facebook and YouTube, no need to through the apps and computers, to achieve wireless live streaming, ready to go online instantly. Rogy360 makes panoramic live streaming easy.

Date of establishment:2019/1/2

Capital amount:$16,000,000

Fundraising round:A round

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dp smart technology introduces the Rogy360 live streaming camera – a cutting-edge, powerful, slim, a…


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Contact person:Kevin Chiang

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