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NeuroSpeed is a digital diagnostic system for early high-risk brain diseases. With a goggle and a digital display, It possesses edge computing capability
 and is powered by AI to conduct non-invasive neuro-functional and vestibular examination via the observation, measurement, and analysis of micro-eye-movement, which offers professionals a portable, accessible and objective solution for informed decision support and insurance coverage.

Date of establishment:2016/9/14

Capital amount:$32,245,000

Fundraising round:Angel

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Neurobit is dedicated to providing a solution -- A portable, wireless, eye movement/ nystagmus recor…


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NeuroSpeed System is used to present information in patients with vestibular symptoms or suspected n…


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Contact person:Roger Chen

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Chun-Chen Yang


Chin-Hsun Huang


Ching-Fu Wang


Wei-Cheng Chen


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