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Pathogen Identification Directly from Whole Blood within 24 Hours.
- Fast. Non-biased identification of all pathogens (other mNGS - 1-2 days, PCR can detect only pre-defined microorganisms, Blood Culture test take up 2-7 days and has low positivity rate of only 20-30% which mean that in 80% of all cases pathogens remain unidentified)
- Accurate. Can detect even tiny (10^2 genome copies/ml) amount of microorganisms).
- Affordable. Patent technology of host DNA depletion can reduce 75% of sequencing cost and save more than a half of test cost vs other metagenomic methods.


資本額 :$100,000,000

募資輪 :A round



Micronbrane Medical is a biotechnology company based in Taiwan. We provide cost-effective, rapid, an…




We provide reagents and consumables as complete solution for mNGS based pathogen identification in c…



聯絡人:Igor Dulesov

電話:(886)03316 #6428



Mengchu Wu

CEO and President

  • Cancer research scientist with broad experience in molecular and cellular biology. Direct experience with various NGS platforms and managing 20+ projects of a wide range of NGS applications. Focus on deploying NGS technologies into genomics and epigenomics research as well as diagnostics assays of Asian tumors. Founder of Micronbrane Medical.

Igor Dulesov

Global Business Development Director

  • Over 15 years of working experience in the biggest international companies and startups of FMCG, Pharma and Biotech. Educational background in Finances (MSc), IT & Computer Science (BSc), Business Administration and English. Fluent in Chinese, English and Russian. Igor''s got multiple awards for business achievements in his work.

Hung Hau


  • Holds 20+ years research experience of oncology, stem cells and infectious diseases, including 3+ years sales and marketing experiences. As a project leader for developing quick infectious disease diagnostic kits/devices in a new business group.