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Ganzin AURORA is a compact module enabling eye-tracking capability on clients' AR/VR/smart-glasses devices with minimum effort. AURORA composes of two sensors, EyeSensor, and an Eye Processing Unit (EPU). Clients can simply attach the EPU and two EyeSensors on their devices to enable the eye-tracking capability by reading out the gaze coordinate through the I2C I/F of the EPU with no latency. As a solution provider, Ganzin will also provide the software development kit (SDK) and all kinds of supports to help customers for system integration. AURORA eye-tracking module features in easiest mechanical design, smallest form factor, lowest power consumption, and most wide application scenarios in the market. AURORA will unlock the potential of eyes as the ultimate interface to the digital world.

Date of establishment:2018/1/3

Capital amount:$100,000,000

Fundraising round:A round

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VR/AR/XR, the market for these products is growing fast, new technologies and applications are const…


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Contact person:Martin Lin

Contact phone:(886)0286676689 #100


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Shao-Yi Chien


  • Prof. of National Taiwan University

Martin Lin

Product Manager

  • PM of ASUS

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