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XR+AI eSOP enables users to complete the training, inspection or operation by themselves. It also helps industrial enterprises reduce downtime and accelerate problem resolution. With the combination of XR and AI technologies, experts can edit the backend and insert instructional video to help users operate through phones and report back any problem immediately.

Date of establishment:2018/4/18

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【Customized AR / VR / MR Development】
.WEB AR / WEB AR Games
.AR/VR Games


Contact information

Contact person:Chen Rio

Contact phone:(886)072221913


Team member

Dean Xu


  • phD in Communication Engineering at NTU
  • Experience:
  • Deputy Executive Manager in TFCIA
  • Assistant Professor in National Sun Yat-sen University
  • 5G Spcethon | Development of AR remote repair and information platform
  • AI+ Cutting-edge Contest | Development of AR/VR+AI training system
  • VR The Chinese Zombie Villa & Magic Night Party | Producer / Animation Director
  • *Having the experience of making the film and being expert in integrating techniques with entertainment.

Claire Ma


  • Master''s degree in Communication Engineering at NTU
  • Experience:
  • CoDIT Conference paper
  • NST 2017 Best Dissertation Award
  • Intern at MTK
  • Intern at Institute for Information Industry
  • Claire is good at algorithm and program development, and with the experience of being an intern in MTK, she can lead our team to achieve state-of-the-art development.

zheng-xiong, Liao


  • Master''s degree in EMBA at NCU
  • Experience:
  • AI Virtual Customer Service/ Development of AI Training System | Project Management
  • 5G Spacethon AR remote repair | Project Management
  • VR Games | Producer
  • Selected by Magazine "Taiwan Top 100MVP Managers"

Rio Chen

Marketing Assistance Manager

  • Master''s student in Marketing Management at NSYSU
  • Experience:
  • Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art Online Virtual Exhibition | Project Planner
  • AI Virtual Customer Service/ Development of AI Training System | Project Planner
  • Sizihwan Sunset Beach Resort AR/VR content design | Project Planner
  • Tainan Hai''an Shopping District Halloween Activity | Marketing Specialist

Startup teams

GranDen Corp.

Combination of AI interaction supplier

Deepwave Co., Ltd.

AI solution provider specifically focuses on audio processing.

Nices technology

System Integration and Consulting Services